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bulaffka_lilu's Journal

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11 July
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Hi!!!! My name is Lily. I'm 21. I live in Russia, Tver, it's not far from Moscow. I study at the Tver State University, specialty - government administration. I really like to study!!!! Also I work as an interviewer to earn some pocket money. I'm fond of cinema!!!! I'm a really film fan!!! And I like reading. Also I like to listen different music and I like Japanese food. Also I've been studing english for a long time and I hope Live Journal will help me to improve my english by talking to foreign people.

Всем привет, меня зовут Лиля,также мне нравится когда меня называют Лилу и Ляля))) мне 21 год, живу в Твери, учусь на 5м курсе. Люблю кино!!!! Я настоящий киноман!!!! а также обожаю слушать музыку и ходить в суши с подругами.

Social capital

  • less than 10